Wiring Your Assets for Success

The Problem

Asset performance data fuels predictive, condition-based and reliability-centered maintenance strategies. Capturing run-time readings, energy consumption, condition and qualitative data in the EAM system on a real-time basis can save time, reduce maintenance costs and improve asset reliability. Obtaining quick and efficient access to asset performance data should be mission critical for every asset management operation.

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The Key to Unlocking the Full Potential of Your CMMS

While data quality may seem both simple and obvious, many companies overlook this area due to a misunderstanding on how the CMMS and data are used. In some cases, companies are well aware of their data quality issues, yet don’t understand the affects that poor data can have on their organization. In other cases, companies believe that an expensive new CMMS will be the answer to all of their problems, only to realize six months down the road that they cannot conduct basic part searches and transactional reports.

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Computer Maintenance Management System

ICMMS databasen a great step forward from management, an experienced reliability engineer was hired to help improve plant reliability. The first task for this engineer was to determine the equipment that causing the biggest losses for the business. Having had a CMMS in use for a number of years, this was the obvious place to start. The first place to look was the breakdown data, and this was easy to locate, as all breakdown work requests had been tagged in the CMMS. The breakdown crew had been trained well in the use of the CMMS, and each breakdown had been coded appropriately, which made it easy work to identify chronic losses. Continue reading

Practical Maintenance Strategy Design For Capital Expansions

Same old story • • •

“This is my third plant expansion in 10 years. Next week we start with staged commissioning, but there is so much still to do. My Maintenance Planner and Team Leaders are breaking down my door, asking for resources to develop their maintenance strategies and populating our CMMS. We have not even yet finished the previous expansions’ plans! The design company is demobilizing, and the engineers will be occupied for months with process optimisation. And I don’t have approval for my Reliability team yet! It will take years to get the strategies done now that we’ve reached the end of our capital resources!”

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You Think a Computerized Maintenance Management System Is an Option?

Six Questions to Consider Before Answering:

  1. Is there a Compliance Standard/Organization for your industry?
  2. Is Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) a factor in your success?
  3. Are Competitive Pressures growing in your industry?
  4. Is this pressure squeezing Operating Budgets?
  5. Are you being challenged to find and retain competent Skilled Personnel?
  6. Is protecting your investment in assets/personnel important to your Continued Success?

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Figure Out the Dollars Behind CMMS Automation

from Plant Engineering and Maintenance (PEM) magazine, April 2008.

When exploring automation opportunities in your facility, there are many factors to consider. These include cost versus benefit by automating, cash-flow impact, organizational readiness, ease of implementation, availability of resources, technological maturity and availability, as well as probability of success.

Most senior managers would be thrilled to discover a way to filter the never-ending stream of requests for what appears to be worthy automation projects. As one top executive said, “if we could recoup even half of all of the savings that have come forward on project business cases each year, we would have only revenue and no expenses!” Continue reading