Preventive Maintenance Archive

3 Keys to Improved Bolted Flange Joint Integrity
by Michael Kessel

10 Components of a Successful Vibration Program – Part 1
by Alan Friedman

10 Components of a Successful Vibration Program – Part 2
by Alan Friedman

10 Components of a Successful Vibration Program – Part 3
by Alan Friedman

10 Reasons Why You Should Audit Your Vibration Monitoring Program NOW!
by Alan Friedman

10 Steps to Achieve World-Class Manufacturing Maintenance Practices
by Jeff Owens

10 Ways to Reduce Reactive Maintenance
by John Reeve

14-Camera Infrared System Monitors Critical Vessels
by Gary Strahan, Texas Infrared

21st Century Oil Analysis – Fantastic Gains – Still More to Learn and Do
by Jack Poley

Abstract: Major Problem With Protective Coatings When Product Life Exceeds Coating Life
by Jim Deardorff, Superior Coatings Company

Achieving “Near Zero” Refrigerant Emissions in HVAC Systems
by Robert Johnson

Acid Contamination of Lubricant Causes Breaking Piston Rods on a Reciprocating Compressor
by Stephen H Shakeshaft (PDF: 169 KB)

A Discussion About Proactive Maintenance with Gerry Trodd, Millar Western

Adjusting Packed Centrifugal Pumps with Open Impellers

Aerial Infrared Roof Moisture Surveys
from Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services

Airborne Leak Detection

Alignment Pitfalls – How to Identyfy and Eliminate Them
by Robert D. Skeirik

A Novel Approach in Process Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance: MCM and its Applications
from and

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – J.R. Simplot Applies Straightforward…
from Noria

Analyzing Mechanical Systems Using Infrared Thermography

Applications for Infrared Thermography at Computer Centers 
by Eric Stockton (PDF: 632 KB)

Applying Acoustic Vibration Monitoring to Predictive Maintenance 
by Allan Rienstra, & James Hall SDT North America Audible Ultrasound (PDF: 101 KB)

A Sustainable & Effective Approach to Vibration Analysis
by Richard Bierman

A Team Approach to World-Class Lubrication at Eli Lilly
by Wayne Ferguson and Tom Hiatt

At Fletcher Challenge Canada’s Crofton, B.C., Pulp Mill, a Preventive Maintenance Program….
by Howard Turner & Don Armstrong

A Twist on Particle Evaluation: Redefining the ISO Cleanliness Code
by Matt Spurlock

Audit, Develop and Implement
by Paul Dufresne

Automated Bearing Wear Detection
from DLI Engineering  (PDF: 226 KB)

Automation In Condition Based Maintenance Using Vibration Analysis 
by Bankim Shikari (PDF: 401 KB)

Ball Bearing Lubrication in Centrifugal Pumps
from McNally Institute

Bearing Failures Dry Up at Weyerhaeuser
by Joel White

Better Mixer Maintenance Ensures Cleaner Effluent at Smurfit-Stone
by Patrick Grella

Beyond the Usual Applications for Infrared Thermography
from Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc.

Breakthrough Strategy for Changing Behaviors
by Robert M. Williamson

Breakthrough Technology for Maintenance Inspections
by Sandra DiMatteo

Brinelling of Bearings
by Reliability Solutions

Captured by Data Part 1
by Mr. Mather

Captured by Data Part 2
by Mr. Mather

Captured by Data Part 3
by Mr. Mather

Captured by Data Part 4
by Mr. Mather

Captured by Data Part 5
by Mr. Mather

Carbon Brushes for DC Motors and Generators
by Terry Taylor, Senior Consultant, IDCON INC

Certification – How to Achieve Results Using Infrared Thermography
by Austin Dunne

Certification of Vibration Analysts in a Dynamic Job Market
by Nelson L. Baxter, Contributing Editor

Change Your Lubrication Culture, Not Your Oil
by Drew Troyer, Noria Corporation

Checking Best Practices for Preventive Maintenance
by Torbjörn Idhammar

Clean Oil Reduces Engine Fuel Consumption
by Jim Fitch, Noria Corporation

CMMS and Preventive Maintenance – Part 1
by Christer Idhammar

CMMS and Preventive Maintenance – Part 2
by Christer Idhammar

CMMS and Preventive Maintenance – Part 3
by Christer Idhammar

Coal Plant O & M: Condition Monitoring Cuts Mirant Mid-Atlantic’s Costs
by Douglas J. Smith, IEng, Contributing Editor

Collecting Good Vibration Data 2 – Sensor Mounting Pads and Frequency Response

Collecting Good Vibration Data 1 – Test Locations

Contamination Control Can Reduce Costs
by Dingo

Condition Monitoring
by Sanjay B. Chari

Condition Monitoring at Norske Skog 
by Halfdan Jonsson, Skogn Mill (PDF: 1.04 MB)

Condition Monitoring Based on Acoustic Emission
by Trevor Holroyd

Condition Monitoring in the 21st Century
by Sandy Dunn

Condition Monitoring of Steam Turbines by Performance Analysis
by Ray Beebe  (PDF: 116 KB)

Condition Monitoring (VA) – Bearing inner Race Fault 
by Alan Friedmanm, DLI Engineering (PDF:218 KB)

Corona & Testing – Who, What, When, Where & Why
by Dan Ninedorf

Corrosion Prevention a New Market Niche?
by Jim Deardorff

Data Analysis Tip 1 – Consider the Machine First and Then the Graphs

Data Analysis Tip 2 – Create a Vibration Test and Analysis Guide

Data Analysis Tip 3 – Compare Identical Machines

Detect Soft Foot with Vibration Analysis
by Irene Hamernick

Detecting Broken Rotor Bars Prevents Catastrophic Damage

Determining Accurate Alignment Targets
from VibrAlign

Developing and Implementing an Infrared Predictive Maintenance Program

Diagnosing a Low-Speed Gearbox Problem
by Glenn White  (PDF: 382 KB)

Documentation Tip 1 – Document “As Found” Condition

Dynamic Movement White Paper
from Vibralign (PDF: 511 KB)

Early Bearing Failure Detection

Elemental Analysis of Industrial Lubricants – Video
from Noria

Energy Waste You Didn’t Know About (Do You Care?)
by Frank Healy, Fluke Corporation

Everyone Needs a Playbook of Lube Procedures
by Drew Troyer, Noria Corporation

Fast, Reliable Measurements Give Us An Effective Way of Planning Preventive Maintenance..
from SPM Instrument

Field Balancing Standards – How Good Is Good Enough?
by Victor Wowk, P.E.

“Five Nines” and Infrared (IR) Testing at Data Centers 
by Gregory R. Stockton (PDF: 660 KB)

Fluorescent Cleaning NDT
by James Deardorff

From Screwdrivers to Testers: Vibration Analysis Comes of Age
by ​John Bernet

Greasing Bearings: It’s a Whole New Ball Game
from Noria Corporation

Handling, Storing and Dispensing Lubricants
from Noria

Heeding the Screams of Sick Machines
by John Holusha

Hey, Aren’t Machines Supposed to Wear Out?
by Jim Fitch, Noria Corporation

How Clean is Clean?
by Mark Barnes

How Does a Component Fail – Video
by Torbjörn Idhammar

How Effective is Your Lubrication Program?
by Jarrod Potteiger

How Green is Green When it Comes to Using Everyday Industrial Cleaning Products for Plant Maintenance?
by John Paparone

How Reliable Are Your Belt Drives? – Video
by Reliability Solutions

How The Eyes (and IR camera) Can Be Misled
by Joe Gierlach, Manager – TEGG Corporation

How to Extend Bearing Life
by Dr. Chris Carmody

How to Read an Oil Can
by Ray Thibault, Machinery Lubrication Magazine

How to Use Condition Monitoring to Optimize Grease Lubrication
by Jarrod Potteiger

How Unbalance Affects Bearing Life
by Ahmed M. Al-Abdan, Maintenance Engr, GED/MD

Hydraulic Filter Condition Monitoring

Hydraulic Systems Hack! Preventative Maintenance Checklist
by Matt Mohelnitzky

Hydraulic Trouble Shooting
from Benlee

Implementing an IR Thermograpy Maintenance Program
by John Snell

Improving Rolling Mill Lube Oil Performance and Useful Life
by Larry Edwards, Aaron Hoeg and Richard Trent (PDF: 520 KB)

Infrared Thermography
from Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc.

Infrared Thermography and Distribution System Maintenance
by Jeff Lebold  (PDF: 32 KB)

In-Process Motor Testing Results Using Model Based Fault Detection Approach 
by E. Albas, T. Arikan, C. Kuzkaya  (PDF: 168 KB)

Inspecting Seals with IR Thermography
by James Gambrell

Inspection Report
from  (PDF: 1256 KB)

Integrating Vibration and Oil Analysis for Machine Condition Monitoring
by Nicole J. Kessissoglou and Zhongxiao Peng

Internal Clearance & Its Effect on Bearing Fatigue Life
by Miles Woodard and Ryan Thomas

Is Air a Contaminant?
by Jarrod Potteiger

Is Preventive Maintenance Necessary?
by William C. Worsham

Keeping Things Moving… Capture Problems Faster With High-Speed Video Technology

Leaders in Maintenance – Part 2
by Torbjorn Idhammar

Longer Lasting Lubricants for The Aluminum Industry

LubeRight – A New Tracking System for Manual Greasing

Lube Routes vs. Combo PMs: What’s Best? What are the Issues?
from Noria

Lubrication Best Practice #1
by Mike Johnson  (pdf: 1141KB)

Lubrication Best Practice #2
by Mike Johnson (pdf: 634KB)

Lubrication Best Practice #3 
by Mike Johnson (PDF: 492KB)

Machinery and Equipment MRO, Focus on Alignment: Alignment Secrets
by John Lambert

Magnetic Plug Inspection Enhances Condition-Based Maintenance
from Practicing oil analysis

Maintaining a Strong Performance in the Mill
by Torbjörn Idhammar

Maintaining Process Control Field Devices
from Maintenance Technology

Maintenance Training and Maintenance Seminars
by Torbjörn Idhammar

Maintenance Tip – Oil Sampling
by Terry Taylor

Management Aspects on Condition Based Maintenance – A New Opportunity .. 
by Anders Sundberg (PDF: 716 KB)

Measure to Improve Bearing Lubrication

MEMS Accelerometer Performance Comes of Age
by Ed Spence

Monitoring Preventive Maintenance Effectiveness
by John P. Cook

New Generation IR Cameras
by Alan Thomson

Nine Lubrication Systems that Keep Chains Up and Running
by Mike Deckert

Normalization of Deviance and the Perception of Defects
by Joel Levitt

Online Condition Monitoring Reaps Benefits for Borealis
from ME Plant and Maintenance Magazine  (PDF: 728 KB)

Opening the Envelope on Bearing Vibration
by Chris Hansford

Optimizing Lube PMs
by Drew Troyer, Noria Corporation

Optimize your Preventive Maintenance
by Christer Idhammar

Outsourced Condition-Monitoring Services Help Boost Maintenance Efficiency
by Tom Bennett & Mike Kmetz

Power Quality Testing Can Reduce Costs

Power Company Foresees Failures

Power Transmission – Select Proper Lubrication to Extend Bearing Life
by Greg Hewitt, Plant Engineering and Maintenance

Practical Condition Monitoring

Preventing Failures and Extending Life – Part 1

Preventing Failures and Extending Life – Part 2

Preventive Maintenance – Visible Change – Video
by Tor Idhammar

Protection of Equipment During Storage, Standby and Decommissioning

Proactive Maintenance for Hydraulic Cylinders
from Insider Secrets To Hydraulics

Protecting Mission Critical Electronics
by Paul Haake

Reciprocating Compressor – An Overview of Vibration Issues – Video  
from Beta Machinery Analysis

Reducing Motor Bearing Failures – Modified Lubrication Procedures Improve Reliability at TVA
by Jerry Honeycutt, Tennessee Valley Authority

Refrigerated Air Dryers Can be the Solution to Getting the Water and Moisture Out of Your..
by Tommy McGuire

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
by Tor Idhammar

Reliability of Critical Turbo/Compressor Equipment
by H. Paul Barringer and Michael Kotlyar  (PDF: 69 KB)

Reliability, Resilience and Damage
by Malcolm Hide

Selecting the Proper Offshore Lubricant
by Jon Pearce,

Shining a Black Light on Coating Inspections
by James Deardorff, Superior Coatings Co.

Shock Pulse Goes Spectrum
from SPM Instrument AB  (PDF: 254 KB)

Should Jack Screws be Tight or Backed Off?
by John Piotrowski

Silent Assumptions of Bearing Reliability
by Jim Fitch, Noria Corporation

Single Axis vs. Triaxial Data

Six Easy Steps to Maintain Your Hydraulic Equipment

Smart Methods – Part 1
by Christer Idhammar

Smurfit-Stone Pursues Profitable Path with Fernandina Maintenance Program
from IDCON INC and Smurfit-Stone

Solving Electrical Problems with Thermal Imaging
by Mike Shekhtman

Standard Practices vs. Right Practices
by Mike Johnson, Noria Corporation

Standardization of Absolute Vibration Level and Damage Factors for Machinery .. 
by S. Kumaraswamy, J. Rakesh, & Amol Kumar Nalavade (PDF: 71 KB)

Ten Steps to Pump Reliability – Part 1
by Tom Dabbs and Dan Pereira

Ten Steps to Pump Reliability – Part 2
by Tom Dabbs and Dan Pereira

Test Frequency

The Basics of Ferrous Density in Oil Analysis – Video
from noria

The Basics of Lubrication PM Procedures
by Mark Barnes

The Case of Successful Filtration and Oil Analysis Implementation
by Brett Winberg, Schmid Oilfield Services

The Difference Between Good Lubrication and Good Lubricants
by Jim Fitch, Noria Corporation

The Effectiveness Equation for IR Thermography Programs
by Fred Colbert, Colbert Infrared Services

The Hidden Cost of Oil Changes
from Noria

The Lubrication Requirements of Couplings
from Noria

The Reliability Impact Within the P-F Curve
by Randy Riddell

Thermography in the Paper Mill – Detecting Moisture Irregularities
from Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services Inc.

The True Cost of Bearing Lubrication
by Matt Mowry

The Truth Behind Misalignment Vibration Spectra of Rotating Machinery
by S. Ganeriwala, S. Patel, & H.A. Hartung (PDF: 283 KB)

Three Important Words for Success in Lubrication and Oil Analysis
by Jim Fitch, Noria Corporation

Think Like a Number Cruncher! 
from IM (PDF: 270 KB)

Tips for Blower Maintenance
by Ashish Bhartia

Top Ten Ways Not to be World Class at Machinery Lubrication
by Jim Fitch, Noria Corporation

Ultrasound for Better Lubrication
from Practicing Oil Analysis

Understanding Shaft Alignment: Thermal Growth
from VibrAlign

Understanding The Basics Of Balancing & Measuring Techniques
by Gary K. Grim & Bruce J. Mitchell

Using Corrective Maintenance Work Plans to Improve Plant Reliability

Using Ultrasound Technology to Locate Low Level Leaks in Heat Exchangers
by Alan Bandes

Vibration Analysis Reveals Poor Motor Mounting Structure

Vibration Analysis Tech Tip: Scale Your Graphs!

Vibration Analysis Using ADCs Keeps Industrial Equipment Working
by Michael Clifford

Vibration Analysis: What Does It Mean?
by Chuck Yung

Vibration Pen, Shock Pulse Measurement (SPM) & Vibration Analysis – What’s the Difference?
by Joe Cox

Vibration & Ultrasound Technologies: A Possible Integrated Inspection Tool?
by Stuart Courtney

Visual Inspection: A Necessary Component of Infrared Inspections
by Jeffrey L. Gadd

Water – The Forgotten Contaminant
by Mark Barnes

Web Based Vibration Analysis Programs 
by Alan Friedman (PDF: 27 KB)

What Do Your Preventive Maintenance Tasks Really Do For Your Asset Care Strategy?
by Jeff Jones

What You Should Know Before you Buy – A Guide to Bying an Infrared Camera
by Paula Bowie

Why Record? Infrared Video
from Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc.

What is Vibration? Linear and Non-Linear Systems

What is Vibration? – Part 1
from DLI Engineering

What is Vibration? – Part 2
from DLI Engineering

What is Vibration? – Part 3
from DLI Engineering

Who Should Decide the Right Frequency for Preventive Maintenance Tasks?