Planning and Scheduling Archive

A Planner’s Tool Kit

Accurately Estimating Labor Hours
by Doc Palmer

Applying PMBOK to Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages – Project Scope Management

Backlog Management (P&S Series)
by Daryl Mather

Critical Component of the CMMS: The Repair Work Order
by Christopher Winston

Cutting Maintenance Cost Through Better Planning and Scheduling
by David Krings

Did You Control the Chaos?
by Arne Oas

Fundamentals of Maintenance Planning (P&S Series)
by Daryl Mather

How Project Management Software Can Smooth the Way
by Michael V. Brown

How to Accomplish a Lean Turnaround at Warp Speed
by Joe Dager

Improve Basic Work System First
by Christer Idhammar

Improving Estimating Quality

In Maintenance, Two Plus Two Can Equal Eight
by Torbjörn Idhammar

‘Ja, maar’ Mentality Can Hurt Planning

Justification of Planners
by Christer Idhammar

Maintenance Management – The Planned State
by Daryl Mather

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Basics
by Daryl Mather

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling – The New Profit Center
by Chris Hykin

Maintenance Planning in Underground Mining Operations
by C.O. Hamilton (PDF: 324KB)

Morning Meetings
by Christer Idhammar

No-no’s for the Maintenance Planner Role
by Torbjörn Idhammar

Optimizing your Shutdown Program in 5 Steps
by Greg Gustafson

Planning for Profits
by Brian Parsons

Planned Hours: What’s a Good Total?
by Doc Palmer

Planned Work Predominance: Contribution to the Bottom Line
by Mike Shekhtman

Planning and Scheduling in the Process Industry
by Josef Kallrath

Proactive Approach to Shutdowns Reduces Potlatch Maintenance Costs
by Dave Krings

Setting Disciplined Priorities when Prioritizing Maintenance Work
by Christer Idhammar

Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages

Smart Shutdowns
by Ken Bannister (PDF: 841 KB)

Standard Job Plans – Video
by Terry Taylor

Start Designing a Planning and Scheduling Program
by Kim Waterman

The Story of a Work Order
by Tarek Atout

The What, Why, How of Wrench Time
by Doc Palmer

Why Planned Maintenance?
by John W. Rushton

Work Flow Concepts (P&S Series)
by Daryl Mather

Work Order Execution and Data Capture (P&S Series)
by Daryl Mather

Work Order Prioritisation (P&S Series)
by Daryl Mather

Wrench Time
by David Berger

You Cannot Maximize Production or Reduce Costs… Effective Planned Maintenance System
by John W. Rushton