Maintenance Management Archive

4 Ways To Break Free From Being ‘Too Busy’
by Rikki Rogers

70/30 Phenomenon
by Christer Idhammar

7 Ways Leaders Fail
by Gregory Alford

90% of all Training is Wasted!
by Christer Idhammar

10 Steps to Achieve World-Class Manufacturing Maintenance Practices
by Jeff Owens

10 Things Your Management Needs to Know Now
by Joel Levitt

10 Ways to Reduce Reactive Maintenance
by John Reeve

90% of all Training is Wasted!
by Christer Idhammar

A Framework for Achieving Best Practice in Maintenance
by Sandy Dunn

Air Canada takes a ‘pit crew’ approach to 787 maintenance
by Brent Jang

All Win – A Maintenance Partnership in Three Pulp Mills: Reasons, Results and Lessons
by John S. Mitchell

A Maintenance Post-Mortem

An Introduction to the Maintenance Scorecard 
by Daryl Mather (PDF: 329KB)

A Plan for Breaking Out of Budget Jail

Are Most Maintenance Organizations Overstaffed?
by Christer Idhammar

Are Happy Employees More Productive?
from RP News Wires

Asset and Maintenance Managers: Key Decision Makers
by Moritz von Plate

Asset Strategy Management: The Missing Piece in the Asset Management Puzzle
by Jason Apps

Availability in a Supply Constrained Environment is the #1 Issue for Refinery Executives
from (PDF: 692KB)

Avoid Waste: Lean Maintenance Can Reduce Overall Costs
by Joel Levitt

Back to Leadership Basics
by Andrisa Jefferson

Bad Salesmanship Hinders Reliability
by Sean O’Connor

BP Fiasco Provides Reliability Lessons
by Drew D. Troyer, CRE, CMRP

Breakthrough Technology for Maintenance Inspections
by Sandra DiMatteo

Building a Reliable Plant Through Constant Evolution
by Mathieu Fyfe-Leblanc and Frédéric Thivierge

Can You Really Justify Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)? 
Part I
by Christer idhammar

Can You Really Justify Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)? 
Part II
by Christer idhammar

Can Your Mill Produce the Right Results?
by Christer Idhammar

Centralized vs. Decentralized Maintenance

Certification & Job Performance
by Heinz P. Bloch

Common Sense: Is It Common?
by Ron Moore

Community Colleges Offer High-Tech Training
by Mollie Romano

Contamination Control Can Reduce Costs
by Dingo

Continuous Predictive Maintenance Is the Way Forward
by Sean O’Connor

Contract Maintenance or Not? – Part 1
by Christer Idhammar

Contract Maintenance or Not? – Part 2
by Christer Idhammar

Cooling the Industrial Workplace
from Plant Engineering

Corrective Maintenance Task Generation
by Robert Apelgren

Cost of Unreliability
by H. Paul Barringer

Creating a Spare Parts Holding List With Confidence
by Jason Ballentine

Creating Reliable Equipment Information
by Brian Moore

Dealing with a Reduced Maintenance Staff

Defining “Maintenance Costs”

Definition of Maintenance – Video
by Torbjorn Idhammar

Design Out for Reliability & Long Term Profitability 
by Dibyendu De  (PDF:241 KB)

Developing leaders: To train or not to train?
by Shawn M. Galloway

Direction is Not Supervision
by Robert Apelgren

Discovering Valuable Trends in Machinery Reliability
by Heinz Bloch

Does Your Company Need a Maintenance Culture Intervention?
by Jim Fitch

Do We Really Want to Be Proactive?
by John Crossan

Do You Listen When Your Equipment Speaks to You?
by Torbjörn Idhammar & Michael Lippig

Enhancing Overall Equipment Effectiveness Through TPM
by P. Sharmaa, Vishwas Bhaveb, Dr. H.B. Khurasiac and B. Shikaria (pdf: 295 KB)

Evolution of the “Grease Monkey”
by Joel A. Leonard

Failure Teaches Success
by R. Keith Mobley

Foundation First – The Building Blocks to Creating an Effective Plant
by Paul Dufresne (PDF: 2.45MB)

Front Line Leadership and Performance Indicators
by Christer Idhammar

Evidence-Based Asset Management: Actionable Intelligence in the Era of Big Data
by Dr. Andrew K.S. Jardine, Elizabeth Thompson and Ali Zuashkiani

Five Pillars for a Maintenance and Reliability Program
by James Kovacevic

Global Indicators for Maintenance, Availability Performance
from RP News Wires

Headcount Reduction
by Christer Idhammar

Hiring of Maintenance Management Personnel – Top 10 Mistakes
by Lori Davila and Louise Kursmark

How Does Condition Monitoring Prevent Motor Failures?
by Nicole Dyess

How do you measure reliability? – Video
by Tor Idhammar

How Much is Ignorance Costing your Organization?

How many Planners and Supervisors do we need?
by Tor Idhammar

How the Industrial Internet of Things Is Shaping Manufacturing
by Chuck Wallace

How to Begin a Training Program
by Raymond L. Atkins

How to Build a High Performance Maintenance Team
by Mike Stonecipher

How to Build an Effective Business Relationship – Video
by David Maister

How to Build Your ISO 55001 Asset Management System Quickly and make ISO 55001 Certification Easy
from Lifetime Reliability Solutions (PDF: 1.6MB)

How to Cut Your Maintenance Budget (Without Cutting Your Throat)
by Ray Atkins

How to Know If an Inspection Is Technically Feasible
by Richard Overman

How to Make the Most of Predictive Maintenance
by Peteris Erins

How to Optimize Big Data in Factory Maintenance
by Jeremy Wright

Human Capital and the Internet of Things
by Burt Hurlock

Identify the Reliability Gap – Video
by Tor Idhammar

Improved Storage Leads to Improved MRO
by John Alfieri

Inappropriate Measures?
by Oli Hakansson

Indoor air quality increases workforce productivity
by Jeff Chastain

Industry Insight with Christer Idhammar, IDCON Inc. – Video
by Rehana Begg

Internships: An Under-Utilized Maintenance Resource
by Joel A. Leonard

Is Maintenance a Supplier or Partner?
by Torbjorn Idhammar

Is Maintenance Included in Your Strategic Plan?

Is People Your Most Valuable Resource?
by Christer Idhammar

“Know Why” Training
by Christer Idhammar

Leadership in Maintenance Weekly/Daily Operations and Maintenance Meetings
by Torbjorn Idhammar

Leadership is Vital to Success
by Roger D. Lee

Leaders in Maintenance – Part 1
by Torbjorn Idhammar

Leaders in Maintenance – Part 2
by Torbjorn Idhammar

Leaders in Maintenance – Part 3
by Torbjorn Idhammar

Leaders in Maintenance – Part 4
by Torbjorn Idhammar

Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail
by John P. Kotter

Lean Manufacturing Can Save American Manufacturing
by Jack Rink

“Lean” on your Maintenance Materials
by Steve Stephenson

‘Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics’

Maintenance – A Business Centre Approach
by Chris Thomas (PDF: 130 KB)

Maintenance and Reliability Best Performers
by Christer Idhammar

Maintenance as a Profit Center
by Anthony M (Mac) Smith

Maintenance Budget and Variance Practices Redesigned
by Richard G. Lamb

Maintenance Crisis Song Video – Video

Maintenance Cost and Estimated Replacement Value
by Torbjorn Idhammar

Maintenance Cost and Reliability – Video
by Torbjorn Idhammar

Maintenance Is Really Not the Problem
by Keith Mobley

Maintenance Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Maintenance Management as a Quality Process
by Jeffrey Lewis

Maintenance Management – Defining, Clarifying ‘Reliability’
by Torbjorn Idhammar

Maintenance Management Legends
by Torbjorn Idhammar

Maintenance Outsourcing: A Step Towards Product Service Systems
by Amir Tossi, Helen Lockett, Emma McDonald, Rick Greenough and Ewout Roozendahl (PDF: 787KB)

Maintenance Planning
by Torbjorn Idhammar

Maintenance Standards at Weyerhaeuser Company
by Pat DiGiuseppe

Maintenance Training and Maintenance Seminars
by Torbjorn Idhammar

Making a Successful Case for Maintenance
by Jay Pearlman

Management: Missing in Action
by David H. Maister

Managing Maintenance as a Business
by C. Paul Oberg

Massive Shortage of Electricians Predicted for U.S.
from RP News Wires

Mechanical Quality Assurance: The Next Progression of Reliability
by Joseph F. “Joe” Dolniak

Need of Motivation for Maintenance Staff
by Sanjay B. Chari

News from SMRP Indiana
from Reliability Engineer Global Knowledge Management, Inc
(PDF: 13KB)

No Part Left Behind: 4 Simple Rules for Efficient Inventory Management
by Bryan Christiansen

Novozymes Wins North American Maintenance Exellence Award

OEE: Overall Equipment Effectiveness
from Feed Forwards Publications

Operations Maintenance Coordinator Role (OMC) – Video
by Terry Taylor

Optimizing your Shutdown Program in 5 Steps
by Greg Gustafson

People Management – Workforce Shortage: Acceptance is the First Step
by John Ha

Plan a Clear Path to Reliability Improvements
by Torbjorn Idhammar

Power Station Maintenance: Which Strategy Is Best?
by Hans Christian Schröder

Practical Maintenance Strategy Design For Capital Expansions
By Antonie Jacobs, Senior Reliability Engineer, ARMS Reliability

Principles of Measuring Performance
by Ron Moore

Production Loss Reporting – Asset Utilization Improvement at Hercules Incorporated
by David E. Brown

Professional Development: Driving the Economic Engine
by Tom Byerley

Properly Aligning Projects to Corporate Strategy
by Michael Stanleigh

Reducing Maintenance Costs in a Tough Economic Climate
by Steve Turner (PDF: 228KB)

Reducing Stores Cost and Lead Times Through a Joint Supplier Venture
by Wayne Bru

Releasing Asset Value Sustainably – An Analysis of ISO55000x
by Stuart Grant

Reliability and Current Best Practices – An Educational Journey
by Ian Farrell

Reliability and Maintenance Implementation Model – Step I.
by Christer Idhammar

Reliability and Maintenance Implementation Model – Step II.
by Christer Idhammar

Reliability and Maintenance Implementation Model – Step III.
by Christer Idhammar

Reliability and Maintenance Management Current Best Practices – Part 1
by Christer Idhammar

Reliability and Maintenance Management Current Best Practices – Part 2
by Christer Idhammar

Reliability Centered ‘Workforce’ Maintenance
by John Ha

Reliability Improvements Drive Down Maintenance Costs
by Christer Idhammar

Reliability Improvements = Cost Reduction – Part 1

Reliability Improvements = Cost Reduction – Part 2

Reliability, Resilience and Damage
by Malcolm Hide

RPM Method + RCM = Reliability
by Fred J. Weber

School Without Walls e-Learning
by Ron LaBrie

Should You Contract Out Maintenance?
by Torbjörn Idhammar

Six Ways Outsourced Maintenance Saves
by Ron Hoffman

Spare Parts Management Indicators

Strategic Advantages
by Daryl Mather (PDF: 25 KB)

Switch in Contract – Maintenance Proves Costly
by Ron Moore

Talent Management: What’s it Mean?
by John Ha

The Challenge: Developing a Reliability Culture
by Prakash Shende

The Cost of Doing Nothing
from Management Consulting

The Emperor’s New Clothes
by Torbjörn Idhammar

The Evolution of Performance Measurement
by G. Lance Jakob

There’s a Better Way!
by David H. Maister

The Face of Effective Reliability Management

The Four Levels of Fit
by Michael Gravelle

The Golden Rules for Machinery Reliability
by Mike Barkle and Ron Moore

The Japanese Path to Maintenance Excellence
by Mike Sondalini

The ‘Maintenance Crisis’ & Innovations that are Changing it
by Ashley Halligan

The New Productivity Challenge
by Peter F. Drucker

The Past and Future of Industrial Maintenance Management
by Bryan Christiansen

The RCM Trap
by Christer Idhammar

The Real Value of the Plant You’re Buying
by Drew D. Troyer

The Reliability Paradox
by Bob Taylor

The Secret to Making Your Deferred Maintenance Backlog Manageable
by Jay Pearlman

The Shortest Distance Between Two Points is a Straight Line
by Christer Idhammar

The Skills Gap? More Like the Grand Canyon
by Laura Putre

The Top 10 Improvements to Pursue in Your MRO Spare Parts Program
by Doug Hart

The Totally Responsible Individual: Dealing with Chaos
by Jim Dawson

The True Value of Reliability
by Marc Hoppenbrouwers

Three Levels of Condition-Based Maintenance
by Tianshu Zhang

Three Ways to Reduce Maintenance Cost – Video
by Tor Idhammar

TPM and Tecate: The New Translation

Unleash the Potential of Your Reliability Function
by Obaidullah A. Syed

Uptime: Fill Out Work Orders? Who’s Got Time for Paperwork?

Use this Game Plan to Justify an Investment in Maintenance and Reliability
by Ned Mitenius

Use P-F Intervals to Map, Avert Failures

Using Effective EAM to Improve Asset Utilization & Reduce Costs
by James Mourafetis & Uday Kamat

Using Performance and Development to Sustain Performance Improvements
by Stephen Francis

Visible and Invisible Maintenance Cost Savings

What are Current Best Practices (CBPs) – Video
by Tor Idhammar

What Comes First?
by Christer Idhammar

What is the difference between a failure and breakdown? – Video
by Tor Idhammar

What is Reliability? – Video
by Tor Idhammar

What is the True Downtime Cost (TDC)?
by Don Fitchett

What is Total Productive Maintenance?
by Jordy Byrd

Where Do Maintenance Professionals Come From?

Whirled Class
by Paul V. Arnold

Whose Job Is Leadership, Anyway?
by Dan Pontefract

Why Improvement Efforts Fail
by John Crossan

Why Many Maintenance Improvement Initiatives Fail to Deliver Expected Results I.
by Christer Idhammar

Why Online Oil Quality Monitoring is a Best Practice for Reliability Programs
by Stephen Steen

Why Organizations Leave Money on the Table
by ​Kevin R. Strader

“Wrench Time” – Why the “FEAR” to Measure Maintenance Productivity?
by José Wagner Braidotti Jr.

Workforce Development
by Ramesh Gulati and Bill Hall

Your Maintenance Debt Dictates Your Maintenance Cost
by Torbjörn Idhammar

Zen and the Art of Managing Maintenance
by Paul V. Arnold