Equipment Knowledge Archive

3 Keys to Improved Bolted Flange Joint Integrity
by Michael Kessel

7 Costly Causes of Nozzle Wear
by Jon Barber

10 Reasons Why You Should Audit Your Vibration Monitoring Program NOW!
by Alan Friedman

A Little Bit More about Cavitation 9-10
from The McNally Institute

Adhesives Assure Fastener Reliability
by Andy Bardon

A.P.I. (American Petroleum Institute) and C.P.I. (Chemical Process Industry) Merger 12-06
from The McNally Institute

API Plans that I Use. 15-05
from The McNally Institute

Bearings for High Temperatures

Benefits of Electric Power Monitoring
from Maintenance Technology

Bearing Repair: An Alternative to Replacement

Blessed Bolts or Freaking Fasteners or Bolt Basics!
by Michael Lippig

BSA Partners with ABMA to Stop Counterfeit Bearings
from PEM

Calculate Bearing Life
from Timken

Cavitation 1-3
from The McNally Institute

Costs and Capabilities of Pneumatic, Electric Actuators
by Gil Guajardo

Creating Reliable Electrical Connections
by Norman Shackman

Comparing the Value of Single- and Double- Layer Insulation on Boiler Walls
by Gary J. Bases

DC Motor Brush Holders and the Performance of Carbon Brushes
by Jeff D. Koenitzer

DC Motor Carbon Brushes for Elevators: Composition, Function, Solutions
by Jeff D. Koenitzer

Debunking the Myths Around Bearings
by Ian A. Rubin

Double the Drive Life at One-Third of the Cost
by Peter Wright

Dry Start-ups and Their Consequences
from Inside Hydraulics Newsletter

Drying your Compressed Air System Will Save Real Money
from Fluid Power Web

Effective Predictive and Pro-Active Maintenance for Pumps
by John Piotrowski

Effects of Aeration on Industrial Lubrication Equipment
by Jeff Malinowski, PE – Trico Mfg. Corp. (PDF: 631 KB)

Energy and Life Cycle Cost Savings in Pumping Systems
from ITT Goulds Residential & Commercial Group (PDF: 377 KB)

Eliminate Belt Problems
from Machinery and Equipment MRO

Examining an Oil Purification System
by Paul Jarvis and Don Thompson

Extending Pump Motor Life in Liquid Level Applications
from Maintenance Technology

Factors which Influence the Speed of an Air Cylinder
from Womack

Fasteners – Part 1
by Douglas Wright

Flow through Orifices
from Womack

Gear Pump Operation and Maintenance
by Mike Sondalini

Gear Pump Operation and Maintenance
from PumpScout

Growing Reliability Down on the Wind Farm

How a Photoelectric Sensor Saved My Job
by Larry Bush

How Can I Extend the Performance Range of Standard Cartridge Mechanical Seals?
by Fluid Sealing Association

How Do Variable Speed Drives Impact Mechanical Seals?
by Henri Azibert, Fluid Sealing Association

How the Carbon/Graphite Seal Face is Manufactured and Where Carbon/Graphite Cannot be…
from McNally Institute

How to Determine Lubricant Mixing
by Noria Corporation

How to Extend Bearing Life
by Dr. Chris Carmody

How to Get the Best from Expansion Joints
from Chemical Engineering

How Water Causes Bearing Failure
by Jim Fitch, from Machinery Lubrication magazine

Huge Cost Avoidance at LTV Steel Using Oil Analysis
by Darrin Clark

HVAC Attack – How to Select the Right HVAC Filter for the Job
by Stephanie Earley, Plant Engineering and Maintenance

Hydraulic Cylinders – Checking Rod Straightness
by Insider Secrets To Hydraulics

Hydraulic Filters that Do More Harm than Good – Part 1

Hydraulic Filters that Do More Harm than Good – Part 2

Hydraulic Filters that Do More Harm than Good – Part 3

Hydraulic Pump Life Cut Short by Particle Contamination
by Insider Secrets To Hydraulics

Hydraulic System FMEA Made Easy
by Paul Craven

Hydraulic Testing & Diagnostics

Hydraulic Trouble Shooting
from Benlee

Hydraulic Valves – Preventing Cavitation Damage
from Insider Secrets To Hydraulics

Hydraulics and HWH Systems
from HWH Corp

Impact of Electric Motor System Maintenance and Management… Electrical Motor Diagnostics
by Howard W Penrose

Increasing Pump Reliability and Life – Part 1
by Michael Mancini

Increasing Pump Reliability and Life – Part 2
by Michael Mancini

Inspect Steam Traps for Efficient System
by Alan Bandes & Bruce Gorelick

Installation Errors Shorten Bearing Life

Is a Repaired Motor Less Reliable?
by Nailen, Richard

Keeping Compressed Air Dry
by Ted Grove

Keys for Effective Troubleshooting
by Warren Rhude

Leaky Shaft Seals
by Dan Wise

Logical Troubleshooting in Hydraullc Systems
by Eaton / Vickers

M2M Strategies for Machine Tool Maintenance
by Thomas Hoenig

Magnifying Mini
by Vadym Buyalsky

Maintain Pumping Systems Effectively 
from Hydraulic Institute Knowledge Series (PDF: 135 KB)

Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Electric Motors
from Reliance Electric

Maintenance Equipment Basics – Centrifugal Pumps
from (PDF: 881 KB)

Maintenance Management of Your Company’s PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
by Don Fitchett

Maintenance of Bearing Seals
from The McNally Institute

Maintenance Theory – How do Motors Work

Matching a Hydraulic Motor to the Load
from Womack

Motor Doc’s Hot Topics: The Half Life of Motor Repair
from Howard W. Penrose

Non-Destructive Exposing of Buried Energized Lines
by Mike McGarry

Pitfalls of Pump Piping
by Ross Mackay (PDF: 24 KB)

PLC: Programming in List on a Mitsubishi PLC – Part I
by Jim Rowell

PLC: Programming in List on a Mitsubishi PLC – Part 2
by Jim Rowell

Polymeric Solutions for Pumps Suffering from Cavitation
by Glenn Machado

Practical Automation: Understanding Pneumatic Power Circuits
from Machinery and Equipment MRO

Pump and Driver Alignment 14-3
from The McNally Institute

Pumping Prescriptions
by Dr. Lev Nelik, P.E., APICS

Pump Selection Considerations
from Hydraulic Institute Knowledge Series  (PDF: 400 KB)

Pump Technology Balancing Tradition & Innovation
by Heinz P. Bloch

Reciprocating Compressor – An Overview of Vibration Issues – Video   
from Beta Machinery Analysis

Refurbishing Aged MCCs Proves Beneficial

Reliability – Barrier or Buffer Fluid. The Liquid we Circulate Between Dual Seals
from McNally Institute

Revitalizing an Aging Grounding System
by Joseph C. Pearson & Dilip A. Pandya

Saving Energy with Bearing Isolators
from David C. Orlowski, Inpro/Seal Company

Setting Techniques for Tapered Roller Bearings
by David Novak

Skills Development of Craftspeople
by Martin Green

Smart Method for Eliminating Water in Oil for High Humidity Applications
by Joe Cox

Solving Hydraulic System Overheating Problems
from Insider Secrets to Hydraulics

Some Dangers of Batch Processes
by Ross Mackay (PDF: 62 KB)

Some of the Basics You Need to Understand Centrifugal Pumps
from McNally Institute

Strive to Improve Your Gearbox Performance
by Todd R. Bobak

SUBJECT : Let’s Clear Up the Confusion about Flushing Seals 3-6
from The McNally Institute

Temperature Shock of Hydraulic Components and How to Avoid it
from www.insidersecretstohydraulics.comp

Ten Steps to Pump Reliability – Part 1
by Tom Dabbs and Dan Pereira

Ten Steps to Pump Reliability – Part 2
by Tom Dabbs and Dan Pereira

Test for Pumping System Efficiency
from Hydraulic Institute Knowledge Serie (PDF: 164 KB)

The Affinity Laws for Rotary, Positive Displacement Pumps 13-6
from The McNally Institute

The ANSI Pump Standard 14-5
from The McNally Institute

The API Gland
from The McNally Institute

The Control Valve’s Hidden Impact on the Bottom Line 
from (PDF: 2270 KB)

The Dual Seal Arrangement

The Meaning of Bearing Life
by Daniel R. Snyder, P.E.

The Most Definitive Test of a Hydraulic Pump
by Jack Weeks

The Non Seal Pump
from The McNally Institute

The Pump Affinity Laws 2-1
from The McNally Institute

The Role of Fireside Corrosion on Boiler Tube Failures – Part I
by Dr. Rama S. Koripelli, Dr. David C. Crowe, Dr. David N. French, and Jonathan Brand

The Role of Fireside Corrosion on Boiler Tube Failures – Part II
by Dr. Rama S. Koripelli, Dr. David C. Crowe, Dr. David N. French, and Jonathan Brand

The Seven Secrets of Pump Reliability
by Ross Mackay Associates Ltd. (PDF: 16.5 KB)

The Trouble with Torque in Electrical Connections
by Norman Shackman

The True Cost of Bearing Lubrication
by Matt Mowry

The True Threat of a High Corrosion Problem to a Fire Sprinkler Line
from CorrView International (PDF: 128 KB)

Understanding the “Diesel Dffect” and How it Damages Hydraulic Cylinders
from Insider Secrets To Hydraulics

Understanding Shaft Alignment: Basics
by Rich Henry, Ron Sullivan, John Walden

What is a Valve?
from Valve Magazine

Who Should Recondition my Seals?
by The Fluid Sealing Association

Why Should I Upgrade to a Program Logic Controller (PLC)?
from the Business Industrial Network

World Standard Maintenance Skills through Assessment and Multi-Skilling
by Howard A. Mayer & Ivan G. Somlai

You Cannot Lose With Training
by John Lambert

You Get What You Pay for… or Do You?