Engineering Archive

A Guide to Matching Electric Motors with Hydraulic Power Units
by Ronald R. Gould, CFPE

A New Way of Classifying Chemicals to Assure Effective Sealing

Achieve Energy Savings in Your Plant Facility
by John M. Gross,

Achieving Reliable, Maintainable & Available Systems

Analyzing Repairable System Failures Data
by Ziad Ali Al-Zahrani

Bearing Concept Overcomes the Need for Compromise

Carbon in a Metal Holder
by McNally Institute

Ceramics Win the War on Erosion
by Tim Connors

Chain Drive Design Recommendations
by Ramsey Products

Communications: The OEM Partnership

Design for Maintainability
by Bill Mostia Jr., PE

Design for Maintainability: The Innovation Process in Long Term Engineering Projects
University of Newcastle (PDF: 120 KB)

Digging Up Savings: Go with the Flow
by Mark A. Morton and Sheldon V. Shepherd

Disc Couplings Dump Downtime
by Kevin Remack

Dominion Solves Mt. Storm’s Fuel-Handling Problems with Improved Coal Silo Design
by Jayant Khambekar, Roger Barnum, and Keith Geisel

Editor’s Notebook: Crushing Barriers
by Joy Finnegan

Energy Savings Through Pump Refurbishment and Coatings
by Karen Verosky,

Engineered Building Maintenance
by John Jones

How to Know If an Inspection Is Technically Feasible
by Richard Overman

Improving Air System Efficiency
by R.S. Foss

Internal Clearance & Its Effect on Bearing Fatigue Life
by Miles Woodard and Ryan Thomas

Keep Maintenance Simple: Use Senses and Sensibility
by Robert Apelgren

Maintainability Design Checklist
from (PDF: 50KB)

Matching a Hydraulic Motor to the Load
from Womack

NIOSH Mining Safety and Health Topic, Maintainability

Preheater Points Out the Value of Cooling Off
from chemical processing

Reciprocating Compressor – An Overview of Vibration Issues – Video
from Beta Machinery Analysis

Reliability: Concepts and Trends
by Carlos Mario Perez Jaramillo

Safety Circuits, Force Guided vs. General Purpose Relays 
by Robert Anderson (pdf: 100KB)

Sorting Out Flexible Couplings
by Mark McCullough

Start Early & Stick with a Plan – Developing Marketable Engineering Skills
by Heinz P. Bloch, PE

The Achilles Heel of Modern Electronics
by Brent Sorensen, Universal Synaptics

The Cost of Producing Electricity: Calculation of Steam Cycle Energy Balance Using a Backpressure Steam Turbine
from Turbosteam

The Full Circle of Engineering Education
by Tom Irvine

The Meaning of Bearing Life
by Daniel R. Snyder, P.E.

Top Tips for Selecting Pressure Measurement Transmitters

Using Reliability Importance Measures to Guide Component Improvement Efforts
from Reliasoft

Weibull Point Process Applied to Repairable Systems
by Ing. Segismundo Mojicar Caballero

What is Wrong with the Modern Centrifugal Pump?

What the Pump was Designed to do and why it Doesn’t do it
by Ross Mackay (PDF: 27 KB)