Breakthrough Technology for Maintenance Inspections

Bentley Systems CEO Greg Bentley recently announced the acquisition of Acute 3D while at the ARC Advisory Group’s Industry Forum. Bentley shared his insights on how this software can dramatically enhance productivity, turning a simple series of digital photos taken with a smart camera mounted on a drone into a 3D reality mesh model. The result is a compact, intelligent representation of the asset in its current operating context. He confidently predicted there will be a drone in every major infrastructure maintenance organization by 2016. Using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and normal digital photography, inspectors can observe existing conditions, then track and trend the condition over time with the ability to compare to the design basis or any point in its life. In fact, there are a growing number of uses of drones in industrial maintenance, reliability and integrity inspections.

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The True Value of Reliability

In the current economic climate, only the strongest businesses are likely to survive. That means companies who perform reliably with a healthy cost level and, therefore, are able to build a competitive advantage over weaker performers. This also allows them to maintain a positive margin even in a depressed market, while others fall into red figures.

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Reliability: Concepts and Trends

The most known concept to define reliability is: “Probability that an asset or system operates without failing during a given period of time under some operation conditions previously established.”

Sometimes, this concept is wrongly used due to the particular use given to the word failure. For many, failure only means shutdowns, so they construct complex mathematical formulas to calculate shutdown probability without taking into account that a failure also occurs when being inefficient, insecure and costly, having a high rejection level, or contributing to a bad image. Continue reading

Practical Maintenance Strategy Design For Capital Expansions

Same old story • • •

“This is my third plant expansion in 10 years. Next week we start with staged commissioning, but there is so much still to do. My Maintenance Planner and Team Leaders are breaking down my door, asking for resources to develop their maintenance strategies and populating our CMMS. We have not even yet finished the previous expansions’ plans! The design company is demobilizing, and the engineers will be occupied for months with process optimisation. And I don’t have approval for my Reliability team yet! It will take years to get the strategies done now that we’ve reached the end of our capital resources!”

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Did you Review Your Last Shutdown/Turnaround?

by Owe Forsberg

In best practices, a closeout review or critique meeting gathers all the information from the last event and uses it to prepare for the next event.   It is the ammunition your organization can use to either support the current Shutdown/Turnaround/Outage process as cost and safety effective or to challenge how the process is currently performed.

Unfortunately, many organizations either don’t do the review or have the meeting and do not use the information to impact the next shutdown cycle.

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