Deploying an Engineered Lubrication Management Program

DC Water’s Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant is the largest advanced wastewater treatment plant in the world. It covers 153 acres and has a capacity of 384 million gallons per day (MGD) and a peak capacity of 1.076 billion gallons per day. This massive facility, commissioned in 1937, consists of hundreds of rotating assets that must operate efficiently to effectively support the needs of customers in a multi-jurisdictional area. Continue reading

How to Use Condition Monitoring as a Proactive Equipment Reliability Improvement Strategy

Condition Monitoring when used to drive reliability improvement offers diagnostics, information and data for Root Cause Analysis and equipment redesign, along with verification of defect or design correction. Condition monitoring applied proactively is a context embracing world class reliability maintenance concepts. Continue reading

Three Outlooks on What’s Trending and Important in Industrial Lubrication and Oil Analysis

Machinery and Equipment MRO interviewed three oil and lubrication specialist, one of which was Mark Barnes, Des-Case’s VP of Services, to uncover industry trends that are important to suppliers and users alike. They were asked to consider factors that significantly influence decision-making on more easily protecting equipment, and to share insights on what’s new, what holds value and provides improvements, as well as what helps solve common problems.

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Analyzing Repairable System Failures Data

Many reliability engineers throughout history have had concerns with the reliability of the repairable system. Several researchers have presented a few calculation or estimation techniques to achieve repairable system reliability. This article explains the mean cumulative function (MCF) as a powerful and easy technique to estimate and monitor repairable system reliability. Continue reading

The Golden Rules for Machinery Reliability

You are probably familiar with life’s golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. But have you ever wondered how any given machine, if it could express itself, would feel about this rule? What would it say? This article offers some speculative thoughts from the machine’s point of view, presented as the golden rules for machinery reliability. Continue reading

Safety Tips for Handling Industrial Lubricants

Straight from ExxonMobil, words of wisdom regarding how to keep your employees safe while handling lubricants in industrial applications.

Workplace accidents and safety incidents can be prevented. Post-accident investigations reveal that many of these mishaps could have been avoided if personnel were more fully aware of workplace hazards and applicable critical safety guidelines. Understanding basic safety precautions when working with lubricants is important for any employee working in an industrial plant, and especially gear-manufacturing operations. Below are a series of guidelines that can help lubrication specialists recognize the potential hazards associated with handling, storing, and using petroleum products.

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